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This my first post on my first blog ,and because of am big fan of SUPER JUNIOR 15 i liked to be my first post about them.

First of all i want to tell u a summary info about them ,Untitled-3نسخ

it is a big band its first name was (SUPER JUNIOR 05) including 13 members then they changed the name to (SUPER JUNIOR) ,lots things happened to them EX they divided into four sub-bands which are (SUPER JUNIOR T) includes *Leeteuk, Heechul, kangin, Sungmin, Sindong & Eunhuyk* ,(SUPER JUNIOR H) includes *Leeteuk, Yesung, Kangin, Sungmin, Shindong & Eunhuyk* ,(SUPER JUNIOR K.R.Y) includes *Kuyhuyn, Ryeowook & Yesung* and (SUPER JUNIOR M) includes *Hangeng, Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kuyhuyn, Zhoumi & Henry but after Hangeng left the band Eunhuyk & Sungmin  comes in his place*   as well as the main band which includes *Leeteuk ,Kibum, Kangin, Heechul, Hangeng, Siwon, kuyhuyn, Ryeowook. Yesung, Donghae, Shindong, Sungmin & Eunhuyk*.Right now Hangeng left the band ,Kibum is busy with acting ,both Leeteuk & Heechul r in the army and Yesung is goign to follow them soon  .

Now let is talk about each member in detail stating with the leader

 1-images S

      Lee teuk was born in 1th July 1983 .his real name is Park Jungsu and his Chinese name is Li Te. He is tall and good-looking. He has got dark brown hair with brown eyes. About his clothes, it is usually normal. He specialized in playing on piano, singing and writing. His hobbies are listening to music and surfing the net.

Leeteuk signed a contract with SM entertainment who trained him for several years until he became the leader in “super junior05”, then in march 2006 SM entertainment changed the team’s name to “super junior”, at that time, the band included 13 members, and Leeteuk still the leader.

     In one of the decumentries programmes Leeteuk said my parents were not in a good relationship and they were fighting a lot, I was punished a lot. And this made me nervous and tense sense I was a little and I felt very afraid from my father. So when I was trainees Iwas wondering if I had chosen the right path and become more careful to be successful.

The source:


Hee chul was born in 10th july 1983. His Chinese name is xe che. He is tall and good-looking. He has got black hair with dark eyes. About his clothes, it is usually casual and sometimes very strange .he graduated from Sangji University and specialized in acting, singing and swimming. His hobbies are writing poets, fiction stories and computer’s games.

At the beginning of his life, people didn’t care about him and they were calling him an eccentric but he didn’t care and in 2005 he started singing with “super junior” band.

Hee chul from a very rich family. His mother has had the largest sale of fine wines space and he says that his mother is very difficult to reconcile .he has one sister called Kim .Hee chul is a very hanoune and honest person but his honesty causes him some troubles and he is a person who not gets hurt so easily and strong-minded man.
The source: treem.wordpress
Second source I didn’t know it

3-images (3)

     Han geng was born in china in 9th February 1984. His real name is Kim Kyong Sik.He is tall and very good-looking. He has got dark hair and dark brown eyes. About his clothes, it is always very smart. He specialized in ballet and Chinese traditional dance. His favorite hobbies are chess and internet and his favorites sports are football, kong fo and tennis.

Han geng is a great singer, dancer, actor and model. He started working with ‘super junior’ band from 2005 until 2010. Han was chose as a torch bearer for the Bejing Olympic. Becoming the first band member in history to hold hold this role. Then he lifts the team and started to sing alone.

    Han geng always helps his parents in every possible way .for example; he bought a restaurant for his mother in China. So we can say that Han is a very quite, sensitive person and very honest in his feeling.

The source:


     Choi Si Won was born in 7TH April 1986. His Chinese name is Shi yuan and his formal name is Shi won. He is tall and good-looking .He has got dark brown eyes and hair. About his clothes,it is usually smart ,trendy and on the fashion. He graduated from Inha university “section (Arts Physical Education)”, He specialized in drums ,dancing and singing . His hobbies are watching movies and tackwondo.

      Si won is a great singer, actor and model .The formal start of his appearance was in October 2003 and he started singing with “super junior” band from 2005. In 2010 he brilliance in the drama “Oh My Lady” which it was one of his most successful dramas.

Si won grew up in a strict and conservative family, He still feel afraid from his father .For example, when he was in the high school in the weekend he works in a “Gas Station” with out telling his parents and in the fourth day his father saw him in the station and because he was very afraid from him he left the work.

The source: treem.wordpress

Second source I didn’t know it


       Henry was born in 11th Oct 1989. His Chinese name is Leo Jin Hoi and his nickname is “mochi” because of his fat cheeks. He is tall and good-looking .He has got brown hair with dark eyes .He graduated from Jakcsoon University and he was good in playing violin, piano, drums, ballet, dancing and Latin dance. His favorite sport is tennis and he can speak in six different languages “Chinese, Taiwan, Cantonese, English, Korean and Japanese “.

      Henry is a great singer and dancer. He started singing with “super junior M” from 2008 and it still on going. His situation in the team is rap, voice, composer side and the basic dancer. He won a lot of awards for piano and dance and he got the silver medal in the Royal Institute of Music. He also based on charities in the Chinese society.

       Henry’s father is from Hong Kong and his mother is from Taiwan. His mother taught him the music when he was only six years and he is drinking tea in every morning because his mother told him.

The source:


      Zhoue mi was born in 19th April 1986. His Korean name is Jo mi or Ju myeok. He is tall and good-looking. He has got brown hair with black eyes. He studied in Beijing Normal University but he putted his education on hold when he signed with SM entertainment in 2007 .He didn’t graduated and he is technically still a college junior. His basic language is the Mandarin and he can also speak Korean very good but in Cantonese and English he isn’t bad.

      Zhoue mi is an amazing Chinese pop singer and provider .He is one of the members in “super junior M” and we can say he is a singer and rap in his band .He is a song writer for a lot of popular songs like (Me- Marry u- A man in love- Love song), and he wrote the Chinese word for the song (U & Me- Confession). This trend   continued in 2011 with the second team for the mini album (Perfection) which Zhoue mi wrote the song (True love).

The source:

 7-images (7)

      Kim Ryeo Wook was born in 21 June 1987. His Chinese name is Li Xu . He is tall and good-looking .He has got brown hair with dark eyes. He finished his education in the department of theatre and movies. His hobbies are singing, composing music and collecting make-up samples which distributed free in stores. ( Very Strange Right!!!!!!!!).

     Ryeo wook is an amazing singer and one of the best voices in the band “super junior” ,he is also one of the members in “super junior M” and “super junior K.R.Y” which including the best voices in the band. In Feb 2006 Ryeo wook lost his choes when he was dancing on the stage and because they were new at that time and it was expected that he will be confused but he didn’t , he wait the right time and picked up from the stage and completed,(That is mean that he is professional ).

       Wookey loves make-up a lot and he is wearing it all the time even when he is visiting his family or going out with his friends for fun, then he said that his skin ruined because of the make-up.

The source:

    8-download (2)

    KangIn was born in Korea in 17th January 1985. His real name is Kim Young Woon , his Chinese name is Jiang Ren and his nickname is Racoon. He is tall and good-looking, he introduce himself as the most beautiful young in Korea .He specialized in singing and acting and his hobbies are swimming and watching movies martial arts .

     Kang In is a great singer. His first appearance was in May 2002 in “A man and A woman”, then he started singing with “super junior” band. He knowned that he was drinking a lot and because of that he involved in some problems and the media wasn’t with him, because of all that he volunteered in the army in 2010.

      Kang In is the only son for his parents. He is special because of his masculine personality. He is very talk active and never shut up and his happiest moments when the 13 members being together.

The source: I could not know it


     Lee Sung Min was born in 1st January 1986. His Chinese name is Cheng Min. he specialized in Chinese dancing, piano, guitar and Chinese martial arts and his hobby is watching videos.

     Sung Min is a great singer; his first appearance was in 2003 “Looking Guy’s”. He started singing with “super junior” band from 2005 and it still on going, he is also one of the members in “super junior M”, “super junior T” and “super junior H”.

      Sung Min is innocent and react s like children. He loves pink color very much and he is buying every pink T-shirt without caring about designer or any think else. He loves when people tell him that he is cute, honest and working hard and he don’t like to her any think about working.

The source:

10-images (6)

       Cho Kyu Hyun was born in Korea in 3rd February 1988. His Chinese name is Cao Kui-Xian. He graduated from Kyung hee University and specialized in music. His hobbies are singing and playing computers game.

       Kyu Hyun is an amazing singer. In 2005 it was his first musical appearance outside the school, where he wins in “Chin Chin” competition in the third place. In 2006 May 27th specifically provided as the new member in “super junior” band and he sang in the concert (the famous song “U”). He is one of the members in both of “super junior M” and “super junior K.R.Y” which it includes the best sounds in the group. In 2007 April 19th after midnight four members in “super junior” band including Kyu Hyun and tow of the group’s manager had an accident and Kyu Hyun hurt’s a lot and 78 days of the accident and failed to recover completely he insisted in participate in “super junior’s” second Album “Don’t Don”.

      Kyu Hyun’s father had an academy, his mother manages the academies of art and he has one sister called “Cho Ara”. His father didn’t like or support his son’s dream about singing but they made a deal which was if he had good marks in the application exam his father will let him to continue his attention in music.

The source:

 11-images (4)

        Ye Sung was born in Korea in 24th August 1984. His real name is Kim Jang Woon and his Chinese name is Yi Xing. He graduated from SunmoonUniversity. His hobbies are singing, listening to music, reading, sports and watching movies.

        Ye Sung is an amazing singer . He started singing with “super junior” band from 2005 and it still ongoing, he is also a member in both of “super junior H” and ”super junior K.R.Y” which it include the best three voices in the band. In 2008 May 18th he entered to the hospital after fainting during a charity marathon which the band participated in it, after he finished 70km . In 8th August he entered the hospital again after he fallen from a height stage when the band where preparing to perform the song “pajama party”.

        Ye Sung knows that he is the quietest member in the band but versa he loves them and he likes to play with them and he is very close from Sung min, Ryo wook and Kyu hyun.



        Kim Bum was born in 21st August 1987. His Chinese name is Ji Fan  and his nicknames are Snow white and the killer smile. He can play on piano and also speak Korean and English. His hobbies are boxing, acting and computers game.

        Kim Bum is a great singer, dancer, actor and model. He stated singing with “super junior” band from 2005. In Autumn 2007 he left acting temporarily to be busy with the activities of the band and the members specifically in the album “Don’t Don” but after promoting for the song “Sorry Sorry” he couldn’t emerge a lot with the band because he was busy with acting. In 2010 the band came back with new album “Bonamana” without Ki Bum and SM said that he was absent from the band because he had no time to reconcile the acting and singing.



      Eun Hyuk was born in Korea in 4th April 1986. His real name is Lee Hyuk Jae, his vhinese name is En He and his nickname is “Dancing Machine”. His hobbies are dancing, listening to music and sport” His favorite sport is football”.

       Eun Hyuk is a great singer, dancer, rap, author and actor. He stated singing with “super junior” band from 2005 and it still on going; he is a member in “super junior H”, “super junior T” and “super junior M”. Eun Hyuk participated in writing of the words in a lot of band’s songs like, he wrote the rap’s word in the song “Show me your love” with Hee Chul and Shin Dong and the same in the songs “U, One love, I Am, Mirror, Journy short, Marry U, Super girl…………….etc” and the same of    it he wrote with the members help.

     Eun Hyuk from a very religious family in terms of his family lineage are part of the “Jeonju Lee” clan “of royal families”, his mother was working in a especial church, his father is not known what is his work but proved that he was business man when  Eun Hyuk was child and his sister is bigger than him “Lee Soo Ra” born in 1984.

The source:


      Lee Dong Hae was born in Korea in 15th October 1986. His Chinese name is  Dong Hai and his nickname is” Pinocchio ” from Hee Chul, but because of his name’s mean “Esta see” he styles himself “Fishy or King of Fish”. He specialized in singing and dancing and his hobbies are sports and watching movies.

      Dong Hae is an amazing singer and dancer, he was in a band included five young boys, one of them was Lee Teuk, in 2004 he was attached to a new band of 11 young boys under the name” super junior 05 “. after one month the first album come out and with coming out the second album SM decided to renew the band to the second generation from “super junior 05″ to “super junior 06″ but the advent of Kyu Hyun makes some changes, and the company said that all what said about super junior’s generation is just “rumor”, and they become 13 member under the formal name ” super junior “.

     Dong Hae loves his family very much and he can’t sleep because his mind is preoccupied about them and the event of the death of his father was a shock for him  which made him disappear from “super junior” for a period.

The source:


     Shin Dong Hee was born in Korea in 28th September 1985. his stage name is  Shin Dong (his real name is Dong Hee but because of his friend’s name is Dong Hae he changed to Shin Dong) and his nickname is Dong Dong. He specialized in dancing and acting and he can play on piano and guitar.

    Shin Dong is an amazing singer, dancer, rap, actor and presenter in the radio. He stated singing with “super junior” band from 2005 and still on going, he is a member in both of “super junior H “and “super junior T”.He often participated in the writing of songs words and rhythms of rap with Eun Hyuk. In 19th April 2007 he entered to the hospital because of a car accident, he suffered only from minor injuries and left the hospital on April 23rd. He also was driving the car while he was drunk after this accident he escaped but he returned and went to the police by himself.

    Shin Dong is comedy guy likes challenges. Foods and sitting on the bed and surfing the net, he is afraid of water “very much”. He admitted that he is “the fat member” and from 2008 he did a diet and really lost a lot of his weight.

The source: elfsuperjunior 1994.wordpress











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I hope that u had fun and tell me ur favourite member

note :all the articls i wrote them by myself  and i mentioned the source of the information so pls do not  copu them with out mentioning the source

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